Crushing The Cup

The Breeders’ Cup has become one of the most popular sporting events in the country. And it’s big business, too, with more than $65 million wagered. It is also a day which totally bedevils the masses. Such was the case for author Jim Mazur who, after years of ineptitude on racing’s biggest day, set out to research and write a handicapping book solely designed to help players tackle a single-day event.

Back in the winter of ‘92, Mazur teamed up with professional handicapper and analyst Peter Mallett to write Crushing The Cup. Neither author knew what they would find along the research journey. Both were overwhelmed by the clarity of the angles. And now, with 14 Breeders’ Cup editions to analyze, some very strong trends have emerged.

The beauty of the Breeders’ Cup is two-fold: (1) it’s contested at a different site each year; and (2) each race has taken on its own distinct personality. Crushing The Cup’s 100+ pages help unravel the mystery surrounding this day and guides the reader to live horses not always spotlighted in the media. The goal isn’t to sweep the card but, rather, to find a few bombs to win or to finish underneath. One big trifecta can make the day...and make the Crush.

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